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Dirict Divine intervention

Set upon a path of annointed healer Minouche has become an extraordinary clear and widely open channel for the Divine to heal,guide and support your spiritual growth".... I am grateful for each person and give thanks to the Divine for sending anyone who...

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37 years old with breast cancer

I was 37 years old when I was diagnosed with the breast cancer…without Minouche’s energy healing work, did not know how I would have made it through…When I was tired from all the drugs and chemotherapy, she would visit, the waves of nausea would be lifted...

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Minouche Touched by Spirit Minouche is a rare & gifted healer. It does not matter where you are in your healing process, Minouche will maximize your innate ability to heal. When you leave a healing with Minouche, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt,...

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