What about her is special?

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Q.  What about her is special? 
A.  She has a special energy in her presence and a deep compassion that can get tapped to open to an unusual degree to channel the healing energy.  Minouche can do the emotional and spiritual energy healing – she can do the physical too, but she is not as confident with this so, that is where she gets to grow. I feel that part of what she does with the healing energy is getting you where you need your goals and resolving your health issues.

I’m send clients to her because I thrust her healing ability.  She does not need to know the answer -- If she does not know the answer, she can get to the answer.

I am extremely selective with asking someone to join my office – Minouche works here because she has an extraordinary ability to ‘get out of the way’ to let the Divine do its work.

Greg Shelkung
35 years as a healing practitioner in Marin.

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