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Voice Mail.
Know something has shifted as I felt diffused with a vast empty spaciousness and fell happy, joy fun and my heart is open galaxy of stars and Light.   Something has shifted I feel I am enjoying myself immensely.

Regina described that she is very sensitive and her ability to perceive energy is very refined. She is a long-time Buddhist meditator,  so she knows about gross and refined energies.  She is a spiritual teacher herself, so she knows personally how to evaluated healing energies.

Q.  How would you describe why Minouche is different?

A.   M. is the real deal. A lot of people in the bay area don’t always have the skill to deliver what they claim to do – M, is developed and really does tune in a multiple of levels of reality and gets information from invisible levels of reality and modes.   I can feel the movement of energy into my body when she works with me.
Q.  How did you come to find Minouche?

A.  I heard that there was someone in town who was doing ‘Acupuncture using light’.  So I went looking for this person and actually walked into the office that she uses in San Rafael.  I’ve seen her 3-4 times.  Went to her for fatigue, did work out that issue.  Used flower essences and soul retrieval.

Channels energy and reaches your body where things are blocked and flowing.  Minouche has the ability to be aware of what’s blocked around an issue and has a clear connection with Being.  All of that comes to bear when she does her work.  M is very humble, clearly credits the work being done as being done by the Creator, or nature and I respect that.

Regina Reilly, Therapist

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