There is a fire, a passion...

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"There is a fire, a passion that you have to bring forward Truth
  you are willing to be present in the faith of life itself.
The field from which you are drawing forth information, a grid, holographic pattern where information is store.....
You are able to extract and bring forth jump up into this other level of the grid.
I want you to call it Matrix because the way it is designed.
The way energy and information come to you is absolutly impressive.
It is like physic and quantum physic.
You have a brilliant mind, a genius level of stuff you can access.
You can jump in there and bring this stuff back, I swear for that person or that person. You are the teacher now.
A bigger story of yourself. It is time to move into.
You are at a level of mastery.
Teaching must increase. Training must begin now from you to others.
You are going to all other levels of teaching.
People sit with you and have you witness their process of moving fully into their life, with full integrity and presence.
When you are there, you are seeing clearly. There is no other way you can do your work but to engage with the person.
Dissolve the psychic, you speak, you see what ever is happening in someone else story you are doing the work.
You have incorporated the process to help them evolve."

Silver Light
Medium, Clairvoyant, 2004

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