Direct Divine intervention

Set upon a path of annointed healer Minouche has become an extraordinary clear and widely open channel for the Divine to heal,guide and support your spiritual growth"....

It was direct Divine Intervention that miraculously healed 10 year old Minouche of a severe sunstroke and changed her life forever.  Set upon the path of an Annoited Healer, Minouche has in turn, surrendered her life to channel for the Divine to heal, guide, counsel, and support your spiritual growth

Troughout her life,Minouche has experienced many serious health struggles--The Divine Grace and Guidance would again appear to ensure her recovery.
These continued healings by the Divine have increasingly refined Minouche herself, so that she becomes an extraordinarily clear and widely open channel for the Divine to assist other of all walks of life., here in the US and in Europe.
What I see happening more and more often in a session with my clients is that they  open their hearts to awaken further, which takes them to a higher plan of consciousness, quickening their spiritual growth.

This also supports the evolution of humanity’s consciousness to live in harmony according our divine essence.

I am grateful for each person and give thanks to the Divine for sending anyone who needs me as a connection for their own well-being and spiritual growth.

                                       "              HEALING , AWAKENING
                                        THE GOLDEN SEED IN YOUR HEART
                                        TO BLOSSOM
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