Healing Circles


Channel and Messenger of  The Divine Healing Energies


Groups gathered together to heal the needs of each participant.

"In the gathering of light, MINOUCHE opens to clear space for the energy to shift into higher plan of health , self knowledge and well being.
MINOUCHE creates clearing for spirit to bring whatever is needed in whatever form it is needed for that setting, through herself and her work with others present.

The experience is different every time for every group and is always an opening to the great mystery of life.

The energy she channels has been proven through work to bring dramatic and positive changes into the live of others.

Mattew Edwards Circle Center Fairfax CA 
Call Minouche 415 686 6355 

Minouche  has an extraordinary ability to ‘get out of the way’ to let the Divine do its work....getting you where you need your goals and resolving your health issues..."

Greg Schelkun

35 year Healing / Counseling San RafaeL

Thank you so much for the wonderful guidance.I have begun to folloow the practice..and have already sensed an  awakening and opening to new senses.I am on my way....Love
Debora Reiki practitioner.

“It felt like a brush with an angel’s wing when Minouche, whom we hardly knew at the time, called to ask our permission to form a prayer circle for our 7 year old boy.  We were dreading a probably diagnose of a bone-tumor.  Miraculously, our son recovered fully after his surgery. Looking back, what gave us the courage to face the ordeal was the comfort of knowing that healers like Minouche had our son’s healing in their prayers all day long.  Since then, we’ve seen Minouche reaching out to everyone who needs healing and care whether its’ someone we personally knows or not, near of far.  To us, Minouche epitomizes the true healer. “


Jennifer and Sae Sohn – Mill Valley

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